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  1. Just subscribed to the Equity Momentum report. When I go to the Premium Content and click on the Equity Momentum report link, all I get is PNGs and not active data or links. What am I doing incorrectly?

    • Hi Mark,

      I think you’re probably looking at the product description page, and not the actual contents. Those are screenshots and won’t change.

      The actual content is under the menu Equity Models, on top of this page. With the equity momentum access, you can also read the premium articles that are under the Members Content menu.

      Yes, I should do something about those confusing menus… I’ve been too busy adding neat content, that I didn’t fix the menu system up properly…

      Feel free to contact me with any questions, Mark!

  2. Andreas,
    Didn’t realize my on how to reach the momentum model email would reach ‘da boss.’ Thanks for the info, I’m now able to access the content and I’m impressed. It is excellent and easy to use.
    Some unsolicited user demographics. Male 63, US, within 4 years of retirement. Found you through an interest in Michael Covel’s podcast and trend following site. Bought Stocks on the Move because of your approachable writing style and data driven approach. Educational background is engineering, military, infotech. I’ve hacked with R and python and enjoy trying to understand what data can tell me. Am working on asking smarter questions. I think your book, this site and blog will be a great help.
    All good to you sir.
    Mark Jensen

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