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Stocks on the Move Ranking Logic

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  1. As to the Exponential Slope and R^2, any particular reason why you are fixing starting point of the data series (…$A$3:$A$92) versus letting the data series float to the last 90 days of data (…A3:A92)?

    Congrats on the book … good work!

    • No particular reason, RB. Just habit, I suppose.

      Mathematically, it’s the same of course. You just need to input a linear sequence. I’m just used to putting in the numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.

  2. Hi Andreas,

    How did you calculate the divFactor?
    For instance, on 07.08.2015 (ex-date) it is ,9876451. Apple distributed a ,47 dividend on this day.

    However, is the divFactor not:

    Closing price before ex-date = Py = 94,95
    Dividend = Div = ,47

    divFactor = (Py – Div) / Py = (94,95 – ,47) / 94,95 = ,99505

    Thanks for you answer

  3. How come this page is no longer showing?

    • Annoying tech issues with the plugin I used for this document library. They keep sending updates, and they keep breaking things that worked before. I’m planning on redoing all of the research library and doing it as normal wordpress articles instead…

  4. I can’t access the doc anymore, but I assume it’s just the same logic as the RightEdge’s Linear Regression indicator?

  5. Hi Andreas, great book. What time series dates did you use to come up with the results in the table 7-1 Top Stock Rankings?

    • Thanks, Santi. I actually have no idea about the exact date… I meant that table just as an example of how it looks. I probably did that sometime in early Spring 2015. Sorry, I can’t give a closer date. I never bothered to write it down. 🙂

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