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New: Trend following hedge fund rankings

The trend following hedge funds have done really well in the past few decades. But how did they do last month? And which one did better than the others lately? After I post about the industry, I usually get quite a lot of questions on the funds after. The requests are usually about table format data or better charts. So ...

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Why leverage is pointless

Traders and investors often use leverage as a crude risk measure. It’s an easy way to relate to how much you’re risking. If you have a portfolio worth $100,000 and you borrow to buy $150,000 worth of IBM, you’ve 1.5 times leverage. As simple and intuitive that this approach is, it’s also dangerous and can lead to flawed investment decisions. ...

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ETFs are not what you think they are

The idea of exchange traded funds (ETF) is great. It made perfect sense to create them and they did a great service to the general public. Yet, as financial products often do, they have mutated into veritable financial landmines. When you look to invest in ETFs, be careful. Be very careful. What’s good about ETFs Almost all mutual funds consistently ...

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Trend followers strike back – 2013 results

Most investment strategies have good years and bad years. Sometimes a couple of bad years come along for a type of strategy, and everyone predicts the death of that strategy. As it turns out, the best time to enter into a strategy tends to be just when it’s having a bad run. This was shown very clearly in Jack Schwager’s ...

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