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Trading Evolved – Taking it to the Next Level

A year in the making, my third book is now complete. Trading Evolved is quite different from my previous books, and substantially more information packed. This book is a practical, in-depth guide on how to backtest and analyze strategies using powerful Python techniques. To my knowledge, no such book exist at the moment. Trading Evolved is a trading book. Not ...

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Trading Sardines

Hey everyone. Remember me? It’s been a while. I’m glad to see that you’re still around. I’m sorry for the radio silence in the past year. It was for many reasons, a strange year. At first, I had a bit of a health scare in the first part of the year. I won’t scare you with the details, but while ...

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Beware of Trading Quotes

Retail traders love quotes. Boiling something down to a single sentence makes it appear as a universal truth. A physical law that cannot be broken. It’s a great way to reduce critical thinking. After all, if George Soros said something, it surely must be true. The guy is a billionaire and couldn’t possibly be wrong. Quotes are useless. Pay no ...

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The Stock Investing Illusion

Most people trade stocks because it seems easy. We all know what companies do and how they stock work. At least, that’s what most people would think. It’s a dangerous and deceptive illusion. Equities seem attractive for two reasons. First because they appear simple, and second because of the common belief that stocks always appreciate over time. Both of these points ...

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Stocks on the Move is Out!

A year ago I wrote an article about why trend following doesn’t work on stocks. That article surprised many people. After all, I was mostly known for writing a book about trend following on futures. Why would I diss trend following? And why does a futures guy talk about stocks? The fact is that I’ve been working with stocks longer ...

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Why I am Self Publishing my New Trading Book

I’m one of the top 5% best selling trading book authors in the world. My first book was a run-away success. And yet I’m about to self publish my next work. Why would an established author want to self publish? There is an unjustified perception that self publishing means poor quality. Let me tell you why that’s not necessarily true. Publishing ...

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