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Book Updates

A Stab at Fiction

I’m excited to announce the launch of my debut novel! When I wrote my first book a decade ago, I didn’t expect it to get much attention, or sales. I was in the wrong country, of the wrong nationality, I had shunned social media and was nearly invisible on the internet. On top of these obstacles, I tried out a ...

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Zipline in Docker – Guest Article

Zipline in Docker This article is contributed by Henrik Nilsson, a clever Swedish guy who read my book and rightly pointed out that I should have mentioned something about how Docker can help simplify the process of setting up and running Zipline. I very much recommend reading and following the instructions below. Having had limited experience with Docker myself, I ...

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Trading Evolved – Errata and Updates

A book like Trading Evolved will without a doubt have errors. On top of errors, updates may also be needed as new versions of dependent software packages are released. I will keep a running log on this site of issues found, and suggested solutions. After this list grows long enough, I will update the book itself, and put a version ...

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Trading Evolved – Taking it to the Next Level

A year in the making, my third book is now complete. Trading Evolved is quite different from my previous books, and substantially more information packed. This book is a practical, in-depth guide on how to backtest and analyze strategies using powerful Python techniques. To my knowledge, no such book exist at the moment. Trading Evolved is a trading book. Not ...

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Stocks on the Move is Out!

A year ago I wrote an article about why trend following doesn’t work on stocks. That article surprised many people. After all, I was mostly known for writing a book about trend following on futures. Why would I diss trend following? And why does a futures guy talk about stocks? The fact is that I’ve been working with stocks longer ...

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