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Slow Markets – Don’t Expect it to Last

The performance is moving slowly these days with 20-40 basis points up or down per day for most of December so far. Meanwhile the exposure in the portfolio is building up more and more and while the risk level is not on extremely high levels, it is certainly above average. The trending theme out there is clear and consistent. We ...

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Trends Emerging Again

After the hit we took in October it has been very quiet in the markets. Sure, we have seen plenty of spectacular headlines and some large daily moves, but there has been a lack of clear trends and diversified futures managers are just idling along sideways. What we see now is a building up of positions again as more and ...

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Short Agriculturals it is

I mentioned before that the strategy is building up more and more exposure towards short agricultural commodities and this bet is now the overall dominating theme in the portfolio. Out of a total of 25 positions held, 13 are in agricultural commodities and only three of those are longs. The shorts include everything from soybeans to lumber, wheat and sugar ...

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A Tough End of November

After the highly volatile October, this month turned out to be mostly calm and quiet. The declines last month forced many positions to be liquidated and the overall risk level of the portfolio was greatly reduced. The risk levels stayed quite low for much of October but fresh exposure started building up the last two weeks, particularly in short agricultural commodities and ...

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Performance Update

This has been a choppy year for diversified futures traders and with only one month left on the year we only have a little over two percent to show for it. On the other hand, the traditional approach of buying and holding global equities would have lost close to ten percent this year and at substantial volatility. Overall this is ...

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Portfolio Comment – 2011-11-24

The exposure towards short agriculturals has been building up over the past couple of weeks and is now the dominating theme of the portfolio. We are short everything from wheat and oats to sugar and orange juice for a total of ten short agricultural positions. It’s quite a large bet being built up here so expect some larger moves in ...

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