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Getting Started with Python Modeling – Making an Equity Momentum Model

For years, people smarter than me have been telling me to get into Python. I’ve had a perfectly valid reason to resist. It seemed difficult. And besides, just look at the syntax! It looks like some silly BASIC that I used to code back in the 1980’s. It doesn’t even have any semi colons! But slowly I’m starting to see ...

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Advanced Equity Momentum Model

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Stocks on the Move is Out!

A year ago I wrote an article about why trend following doesn’t work on stocks. That article surprised many people. After all, I was mostly known for writing a book about trend following on futures. Why would I diss trend following? And why does a futures guy talk about stocks? The fact is that I’ve been working with stocks longer ...

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Mutually Assured Destruction

Almost all mutual funds in the world fail to do their job. You’ll find better odds at the racing track than you will buying mutual funds. So why do people still buy them? Almost everyone in the developed world has a stake in a mutual fund. Even if you didn’t actively buy into any mutual fund, your pension fund is ...

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