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A Very Different Kind of Trend Model

Trend following is all about following the price. Typically the only input we need for a trend following model is the price. But what if I told that we could make a kind of trend following model which does not use the price direction as an input at all? It also has no stops and no targets. In this article, ...

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Advanced Equity Momentum Model

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A Counter Trend Indicator: Profit from Trend Followers’ Weakness

A good indicator is based on sound logic. It should try to quantify or visualize a concept that makes sense and is easily explainable. Mostly I use very simple indicators. The most basic of indicators can be very helpful if used rightly. The indicator I’m about to describe here is quite simple in concept but requires a few more steps ...

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Beating the Index with Minimum Rules

Do you want to beat the index with just a few lines of code? You don’t even need to program it. It’s simple enough to do manually. Beating the index is probably not the right term though. Killing it might be a better word. Beating the index is supposed to be very difficult. After all, around 80-90 percent of all ...

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