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New Community Site for Professional Traders – TradersPlace.Net

Join us at Traders' Place -

Join us at Traders’ Place –

Most online trading forums have  a common problem.

In fact, the problem is not unique to trading forums. It all boils down to a classic internet problem. Put a group of otherwise intelligent and well behaved people together on the internet. Let them pick cute nick names to hide behind. Sit back and wait for the mayhem.

If you’ve ventured into the perilous lands of trading forums, you quickly find that the few voices of reasons which live there quickly get lynched by the mob of anonymous trolls if they dare to open their mouths. The forums are now controlled by the trolls. The inmates are running the asylum, if you will. The spiral effect makes sure that professionals stay away from these places while the hordes of anonymous trolls run wild.

Together with Anthony Garner, author of A Practical Guide to ETF Trading Systems, I’ve attempted a solution. We have created a new online community. A site with the professional trader in mind. A friendly place. A helpful site.

Our new community,, requires real and full names. We encourage users to write about their background in trading. To let other users know who they are talking with. On our site, everyone is responsible for their own actions. No one can hide behind anonymous labels.

Read our blogs at

Read our blogs at

Naturally we have a web forum. But that is just a small part of our site. We let users create their own blogs. We have a large library of relevant trading documents. We have financial news. We have market events calendars. And much more.

Our site is completely free and it will always be so.

Our site is just launched a couple of weeks ago and growing fast. So far, almost all user are hedge fund or investment banking professionals. We accept anyone who is dead serious about trading and who knows how to behave professionally.

We won’t let the trolls through the door.

Join us at!



  1. Hi Andreas,

    I am new to your website. Excellent content, thanks very much!

    I am going through the articles on the archive, and I noticed this one about Is that website still on? Or have you moved the content from there to the premium section of this website?



    • I took it down a while ago, since it got completely overrun by spam bots and I didn’t have the time to go fight them off. I’ve been meaning to put the site back on, since there was quite a bit of interesting discussions going on there about quant model programming, but I haven’t had the time yet.